General Conditions for the purchase of SELNASPLUS gender selection conception calendars.

1. The provision of the gender selection conception Calendar is subject to the acceptance of the purchase order by SELNASPLUS (as licensed distributors and managers) on the understanding that the purchaser has read the official information described on this website, accepts these conditions and has paid the cost of the calendar and provides results based on the Mother's given information.

2. Once the gender selection calendar is ordered and payment is made, thereafter no refund is possible. As once we deliver the calendar in pdf format we reveal all information to the user.This file can be copied, printed etc. Therefore there are no refunds.

3. A personal analysis is prepared and made available to the member within 1-2 working days from date of purchase. It is understood that it is the responsibility of the Calendar purchasers to send in their correct email addresses, correct medical information and other information about themselves and verify as correct the personal identification shown on the Calendar (Names, Date of birth, Blood type etc.) at the time it is received. The prospective mother also accepts that she is not pregnant at the time of purchase. The provision of the calendar is confidential and SELNASPLUS will not knowingly reveal the associated information and details to any other party.

4. The gender selection conception calendar is not to be used for the avoidance of genetic illnesses or diseases and SELNASPLUS accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequence in this respect and for conceptions resulting in miscarriages, premature birth, and any abnormalities or events whatsoever.

5. No guarantee of pregnancy is indicated or suggested or any other guarantees. Parents agree to use contraception from the time that the calendar is ordered, apart from favorable days for the sex desired as shown on the gender selection conception calendar.

6. SELNASPLUS Gender Selecction System is the only licensed distributor in the world of the gender selection conception method discovered by Patrick Schoun. It does not act as principals on all aspects of gender selection conception invention and performance and is not subject to any regulations or laws applicable in the country of the purchaser or any other. The purchaser accepts that the gender selection conception calendar is subject to the laws of Luxembourg and the jurisdiction of the courts of Luxembourg.